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This page is to list, in no particular order, some of the folks I’ve met along the way and would like to highlight the work that they do. You’ll see most of them are London-based, as I am, though as I venture around the country with the BikesandBrains evenings I hope I can add plenty of others. Take a look. I’ll be adding more links as and when.

Elite Cycling – This is the coaching company and centre based in Crystal Palace. I’m a member of the club. I’ve been going to the Turbobeat sessions over the winter months since they first started in Autumn 2012.

Rat Race Cycles – started by Pete Owen whom I met through Beastway MTB races. He builds a mean wheel

The Adventure Syndicate – I’ve got to know some of the women associated with AS more recently. Some amazing rides undertaken by the members, and some great outreach work too.

2Wheel Chick – Maria David’s blog. Maria has been part of London cycling for many years and was instrumental in setting up the London Women’s Cycle Racing (now LWR) in 2010.

London Bike Kitchen – Go an support Jenni and folks in North London. Also check out Jenni and LMNH Alex’s Wheelsuckers Podcast

LMNH – Just a prime bunch of lovelies here in London. I’ve been fortunate to know Sam Humpheson for a few years now and it’s been great to see how Look Mum has developed. LMNH’s Alex Davis is shit-hot on all things sm and was invaluable in getting the first BikeandBrains evening set up.

Bristol Bike Project – Krysia, James, and co. do amazing work locally, working with underprivileged and marginalised groups.

John Mullineaux – If you are familiar with the race scene in London and the south-east you’ll probably be familiar with John. I got to know him via Beastway along with Bill Wright who has done a huge amount of work with Herne Hill Youth CC over the years. I think it was Bill who convinced me to actually take part in my first mtb race…

Books! I’m going to list a few here shortly. Yes, I am. To get you started, why not order this through the evil empire: Bikes and Bloomers by Kat Jungnickel, published earlier this year.  A fulsome website on the initial project here.

I’ve also recently bought myself a few books that cover the mental health or wellbeing or meditative nature of cycling. I’ll report back when I’ve read them.

Honourable mentions to:

Blue Door – in Crystal Palace / Cadence Performance – in Crystal Palace / Hackney GT – Russ Jones / London Phoenix (my first club) / Dulwich Paragon (my second club) / Penge Cycle Club sponsored by Elite Cycling / Brixton Cycles – because BRIXTON / LFGSS – the forum to end all forums. Supplies marshals to the Tweed Run / Herne Hill Velodrome – icon venue. There’s a seat with my name on it somewhere there /

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